eighteen and life?

Welcome to eighteen and life. This is not a blog about Skid Row or the classic song by Rachel Bolan and Dave Sabo made famous by the vocals of Sebastian Bach. That being said, the song was an inspiration to the thought processes that you will find here. And although the original 18 and Life lyrics end tragically, my experience is that for students making the choice of post-secondary education, the age of 18 can be a stepping off point to opportunity.

I have built a career in college student affairs around the decision-making of 18-year olds, first in admissions and then as a program director and first-year seminar instructor. I have crossed paths with thousands of students poised on the brink of dynamic educations and careers. Some do not make it. Most do. But not always without a struggle.

Join me as I discuss service to students and efforts to build successful first-year to graduation retention programs. I’ll share the humor and challenges in this transformation and invite you to share yours. The folks over at The Student Affairs Blog are kind enough to let me write there as well, so you’ll see an occasional cross-post.

18 and life to go.

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