Peer Leader Prep Talk

It was energizing to be back in the office today and begin preparations for the semester. We teach a leadership development course each spring for the students selected as peer mentors in our program for the upcoming year. The course introduces concepts of peer leadership enhanced with student development theory and personal discovery through MBTI and EQ-i assessment. 

We selected a new text for the course after five years, so winter break has been spent defining the chapters and assignments for the syllabus. The new book offers interesting case studies with each chapter to utilize for group discussion assignments. 

In addition to work on the syllabus, I have been rereading Delaney Kirk’s Taking Back the Classroom. It has great ideas for preparing peer mentors for the reality of the classroom. Coincidentally, Dr. Kirk posted 6 Tips For The First Day of Class on her blog today. Here’s a list, but be sure to check out the details.

1. Develop Your Philosophy of Teaching

2. Establish Your Credibility
3. Determine Your Class Culture
4. Be Clear about Your Expectations
5. Use the First Day of Class Wisely
6. Handle Discipline Problems Right Away
How do you develop peer leaders on your campus?

2 thoughts on “Peer Leader Prep Talk

  1. Thanks for stopping by! Following your work since you were at Drake and appreciate your blog and fresh ideas. I have been trying to work that shoe into a blog for some time and *shazam* Dr. Seuss to save the day.

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