Campus Freeze: A Facebook Social Experiment

The week before finals on our campus is known as Dead Week, traditionally a time when no activities are scheduled and student stress crescendos to peak level in the days before exams. This week, however, an enterprising sophomore staged a social experiment to engage student brains in something other than the academic craziness of the end of the semester.

FREEZE ON CENTRAL CAMPUS!!! was organized in the spirit of events that Improv Everywhere have created around New York City. Several campuses around the country have planned similar events recently, including NC State. The Iowa State performance began as the Facebook Event post along with a supplemental group page to provide more specific instructions. It occurred for five minutes as our Campanile struck 12:00 noon on Thursday and the daily carillon concert commenced providing background music for the event.

The videos posted on Facebook include the carillon music. This edited version can be found on YouTube.

A new campus tradition?

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