It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in…

It’s the last full day of APTi 2009, the conference for all things MBTI related. I have an early flight tomorrow and even with my clear preference for extraversion and love for all things social related, I am exhausted and focused on my auxiliary introverted intuiting (read: quiet down time).

Preparing for a travel day, I headed for the hotel gift shop to stock up on granola bars. Not wishing to navigate the crowded lobby again, I snuck up the back way through the conference floor to my elevator. Navigating the now deserted hallways of the conference area I was startled by the loud music I hadn’t noticed earlier over the din of our crowded meetings. Turning the corner to the elevator I discovered it was not some lame recording but rather a fellow conference attendee, playing his heart out on the grand piano tucked into the corner. I could not tell who it was or read the name tag as I peeked into the room. Not wanting to disturb this impromptu concert I quietly crept back toward the elevator. Piano Man continued his performance, a contemporary piece, something akin to Handel’s Water Music, but with more emotion, more oomph. I sat quietly by the elevator and listened for at least 20 minutes.

Who was this Piano Man? Another ENTJ like me or perhaps an ENFJ, finding balance in their auxiliary function from the extraverted thinking of the day? Or maybe someone with an introverted preference, spending some much needed processing time away from the crowd. Regardless of Type, it was a delightful surprise ending to my day.

Well we’re all in the mood for a melody, and you’ve got us feelin’ alright…

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