Why college is still worth it

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So does college raise incomes? Is it an investment good enough to make widely accessible?

Yes, it is. Period. Usually, this would be the part of the article where I note that there’s disagreement and perhaps a slight weighting of evidence to one side or the other. I won’t. Even McArdle and other college skeptics acknowledge that the average college graduate today will make far more over the course of his or her life than the average high-school graduate who doesn’t attend college. And the bulk of the information indicates that college really is the cause. Going to college means you make more money than you otherwise would, and that benefit far, far outstrips its upfront price.   ~Dylan Matthews

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One thought on “Why college is still worth it

  1. Well I always have to comment…..I do believe most kids think they need to go, it’s pushed on them sort of, “where are you going to school?” kind of thing…..my kids weren’t ready at 18 to decide on something for the rest of their life, a career, major…..I also believe it’s ok to sit out, get a job, and then many will find out that they don’t want to do that the rest of their life, some will get good breaks on employment, people you know, etc… but others will be more ready to succeed in college because they’ve been out in the working world. In Europe and other countries, only the elite go to a 4 school, the rest are learning trades or entering the workforce…..I know from experience that you have to be ready for college and many, many 18-19 year olds are not. Then they’re taking out loans, and will not finish at that young age. I think later in life when they’re actually ready is good….As the owner Mark from Sharktanks stated in an article, after the housing crisis, the next big crisis is the student loan crisis, now the interest is high and these kids will never afford to pay that all back…..kids don’t want to work their way thru school, as a business owner, they don’t, they don’t apply, they take their student loan and they’re good. If they could make 2000 throughout the semester, 4000 in a school year (which is doable), you’ve got a better start on life after school as well….the loans are too big for most….as always, my opinions….

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